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15 accessories for the new kitchen

To everyone who seeks to move to a new home or settle in another country by preparing a new kitchen, Tavola will provide you with a list of the most important supplies for the new kitchen with some advice on how to choose the right product and facilitate the shopping process as it is sufficient to cross out everything that was purchased!

1- Pot and Frying Pan: A full kit can be chosen that includes the frying pan and pots of different sizes, and it is recommended to select non-stick pots to facilitate cooking and cleaning.

2- Cooking tools: Cooking tools vary in their various materials, some of which are made of nylon for use with non-stick utensils, and they are made of durable stainless steel for use with non-coated utensils with non-stick coating such as stainless steel, porcelain pottery, pottery and cast iron.

3- Knife Kit: There is no doubt that knives are one of the most important tools for cutting, slicing and peeling, and to avoid friction in the kitchen drawer with the rest of the tools, it is preferable to choose a kit with a knife holder for safe storage and to protect the blades.

4- Food packaging boxes and milling bags: After cooking, you will need food packaging containers. For healthy storage, glass containers are primarily recommended. They also use reusable food bags to store foods in the refrigerator or freezer for the rest of the food.

5- Cutting boards: The most popular cutting boards are those made of wood, but they will also be plastic panels. Browse tips on choosing the right chopping board and follow important steps on how to clean chopping boards on them for long.

6- Food processor: Even this appliance with its various uses, such as kneading, chopping, mixing, mixing, slicing and beating, most food preparations are attached with different blades for specific purposes, so it is obligatory in every kitchen.

7- Baking trays: Baking trays are used in a variety of uses, such as preparing salty pastries, such as croissants, sausage rolls, or ornaments, such as cookies, Switzerland, and others. Pick a multi-size baking tray set, or just make one big tray.

8- Mixing bowls: the various options of these bowls, you can choose those plastic, glass, stainless steel or ceramic bowls.

9- Garlic Masher: Since most meals and sauces require garlic as an essential ingredient for flavoring, garlic press is one of the most important tools in the new kitchen.

10- Manual Citrus Juicer: This tool is one of the most important kitchen tools for the frequent use of lemon in many recipes such as salads, sauces, ornaments, and others.

11- Sprinkler: This product is available in several shapes and sizes, so it is recommended to choose a sprinkler that is easy to store and varied to obtain a fine and coarse sprinkle of cheese, chocolate and some spices such as nutmeg and citrus peel.

12- Refinery: It is recommended to purchase two different size filters, one for tea and one for pasta and others.

13- Hand Blender: Thanks to the hand blender, it enables quick and practical preparation of buttered pancakes, pancakes, crepes and more, especially with that fitted with a bowl abrasive.

14- Dough sheeter: The dough sheeter is used to spread pizza, croissant, cookies, fondant dough, and others. Dough sheeter with adjustable knob can be selected to determine dough thickness.

15- Oven Glove: As the selection of a high-quality silicone glove to facilitate control of carrying pots or hot oven utensils, it also protects hands more than a glove made of cotton.

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